The Tower Chimes  
Union Church of Pocantico Hills
555 Bedford Road
Tarrytown, New York
Rev. Dr. F. Paul DeHoff

Beth Coffman, Editor                                                                                                                   June 2019

…..from the Pastor’s desk

When I first wrote for the Tower Chimes (March 1992), I didn’t know how to head my monthly contribution.  I thought “…..from the Pastor’s desk” would do until I thought of something better – that never happened – it is still “…..from the Pastor’s desk”!

Dear Church Family:  I was surprised by your Mother’s Day celebration of my life among the Union Church Family!  Thank you!  It is a Mother’s Day to be remembered!  What I have done is out of love and commitment to the church!  My thanks to the Boards of Deacons and Trustees for a wonderful “Champagne Fellowship Hour”, and to the members of the Choir for their gift, a lovely, vintage stick pin; also, to the Trustees for a gift certificate to the Jacob Burns theatre, and the Deacons for  a gift certificate to Mulino’s of Westchester, a favorite restaurant!  My heart has been warmed! – Rosalyn.

I, too, am filled with joy and gratitude over the May 19 Kittle House celebration of my life and ministry, and Rosalyn’s, at Union Church.  Beth Coffman, Greg Perry, Carla DeLandri, David Bartholomew and Joyce Stanton spoke so eloquently and with such warmth.  I am thrilled to have my name attached to the Pastoral Endowment!    The photo album and slide show were very meaningful and brought back many memories.  Thank you!  Knowing what it is to organize such an event I can only say that I was impressed and am grateful.  My ministry here has been made possible by so many, beginning with the Search Committee headed by David Bartholomew, who put my name before the congregation.  Many of those of great importance to Union Church during the past 27 years have “gone before us in death” – I think of them and am grateful!  I am grateful to all who served as a Deacon or a Trustee; I think, too, of Norman Smith, Tom Zachacz, Sam Chapin, and Richard Coffey and am grateful for their gifts and graces in music.  In the course of my tenure over 180 were baptized into the Faith; nearly 350 became members and over 400 were married here!  I recall the Saturday there were 3 weddings and a funeral!  I have, occasionally, heard the word “legacy” used when speaking of my tenure at Union Church.  In some sense the past in one’s life is a “legacy” – whether or not we like it.  I am thankful for any and all that was done at Union Church in my time that may be known as “faithful to our calling” – faithfulness is what our Lord asks of us!  I ask God’s grace to cover all that was done or left undone, which was not faithful.

Be Warned!  June 30, 2019 has been selected by our Family as a time to gather!  There will be over 40, with everyone “present and accounted” for, except Peter, who will be sailing somewhere along the west coast, on the Grand Princess.  They will be coming from:

Placitas, New Mexico

Tiffin, Iowa

Bettendorf, Iowa

Sterling, Illinois

Oswego, Illinois

Covington, Kentucky

Winter Garden, Florida

Sharonville, Ohio

Middletown, Ohio

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Greer, South Carolina

Warminster, Pennsylvania

Westminster, Maryland

Pompton Plains, New Jersey

Kinnelon, New Jersey

Goshen, New York

May June 30, 2019 be a day of grace – I have entitled my sermon for that Sunday “….as I was Saying” – Ephesians 3:8

June 2 “A Time for Magnanimity”
Philippians 4:2-9 & Matthew 22:1-14
June 9 “A Prayer and A Throw of Dice”
Acts 1:12-26 & John 14: 8-17, 25-27
June 16 With You Always”
Psalm 8 & Matthew 28:16-20
June 23 “Noah’s Ark and The Top Quark”
Genesis 9:8-17 & Luke 8:26-39
June 30 “…as I was Saying”
Ephesians 3:1-13 & Luke 9:51-62
June 2 Lorenz
June 9 Dorzbacher
June 16 OPEN
June 23 Reed/Cousino
June 30 Board of Trustees in honor of
Paul and Rosalyn

There are many Sundays including June 16 where we are looking for volunteers to host. Please consider hosting one Sunday. If you have any questions, please ask any Deacon.  Thank you!!

News on the

Interim Pastoral Search

Shortly after Rev. DeHoff announced his retirement last year, the Church Council, which includes all of the Deacons and Trustees, appointed an Interim Pastoral Search Committee consisting of 3 Trustees, 3 Deacons, and 3 Members at Large.  The committee was charged with conducting a search with the Hudson River Presbytery, and returning to the Council with a hiring recommendation for an interim minister. We expect the interim minister will be with us for 18-24 months to help lead the church in our mission to call the next installed pastor to the Union Church pulpit.

The committee has been hard at work since January – establishing a working relationship with the Presbytery, preparing descriptions of our church and its ministry, reviewing applications (including writings and recorded sermons from each applicant), and conducting candidate interviews.  Most recently, the search committee met separately with three eminently qualified finalists and is now preparing its recommendation for presentation to the Church Council on June 9, 2019.


Dear Family and Friend of Union Church of Pocantico Hills:

Whether you sent a card, said a prayer or remembered me in the course of your day~~~ I am humbled and grateful.  The surgery went well and slowly I am regaining my strength.  Look forward to returning to Church Services and celebrating Life and giving thanks to GOD and ALL OF YOU. 


The Board of Trustees unanimously voted to change the name of The Pastoral Endowment to The Reverend Dr. F. Paul DeHoff Pastoral Endowment in recognition of Paul’s untiring effort in its establishment.  Pastor Paul was instrumental in the creation of this endowment and the renaming  will help us to remember this and for future generations to be aware of Paul and his involvement in this very important fund created to ensure that Union Church always remains a living church with a pastor and congregation and never solely an art museum. 

This name change was announced at the May 19th dinner honoring Paul and Rosalyn and their service to Union Church and Paul was presented with a plaque commemorating this change. 


Attached to this Tower Chimes is a copy of the May 1st letter announcing the gift fund which has been created for all of us to express our love and appreciation for Paul and Rosalyn.  Checks should be made payable to UCPH (or Union Church) and mailed to Beth Coffman, Union Church, 555 Bedford Road, Tarrytown, NY, 10591.   Please make sure to put DeHoff gift in the subject line on your check. 


The Deacons and Trustee have purchased a memory book for Pastor Paul and Rosalyn. We invite all members and friends of Union Church to inscribe the book with personal memories for them. The book will be available in the fellowship hall following the 9am and 11am services each week. Additionally, we will gladly accept emailed or mailed notes for those of you not in the area and we will copy your note into the book. Please email any notes to Beth Coffman ( or mail them to Beth Coffman, Union Church, 555 Bedford Road, Tarrytown, NY  10591. The book will be presented to Paul and Rosalyn on June 30th. 






May 1, 2019

Dear Friends and Congregants,

As we bid a fond farewell to Paul and Rosalyn DeHoff after twenty-seven years of devoted leadership to Union Church of Pocantico Hills, we are establishing a gift fund for the DeHoffs to commemorate their retirement. 

A congregational gift fund is part of the recommended protocol of the USA Presbytery, which is acting as our advisory in the pastoral transition process.  This gives us an opportunity to wish the DeHoff’s joy and love with one voice, as each of us is able.  

This gift will be presented to Paul and Rosalyn at the fellowship reception that will follow the 11:00 a.m. Worship Service on Sunday, June 30, 2019.  Since the occasion marks the final day of Rev. DeHoff’s service as our Pastor, it will be a milestone event in the life of Union Church and we expect that many longtime friends including members of the DeHoff family will be in attendance.

Please consider making a contribution to the gift fund so that each and every one of us has an opportunity to express our gratitude.  Your check should be made payable to UCPH and returned in the enclosed envelope.  MAKE SURE TO PUT DEHOFF GIFT in the subject line.

Thank you.


Carla DeLandri                           Greg Perry

President, Board of Trustees              President, Board of Deacons