All are Welcome!    Members, friends and community neighbors, grab your favorite morning beverage to join Dr. Lindley DeGarmo in a virtual coffee hour via Zoom at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesdays.

Varjota Need some tips on using disappointingly Zoom?

  1. If you are joining Zoom through your phone or tablet, you will be asked to download the Zoom app. That isn’t necessary from your computer.
  2. When you join through Zoom, we have set it up so that your camera and microphone (if you have them) will be off.  Please note that the “start video” button in the lower left turns on YOUR camera, not the video from the church.
  3. In Zoom, your name will be visible to others. You may turn your camera on, making your image (and all that you are doing) visible to others on the live feed.
  4. For the best view of the service, in the upper right corner of your screen, switch to “Speaker View.” Once there, the church will take up most of your screen, but others may be visible in name or image on the side.  That too can be changed at the top of that box to eliminate seeing others.